Aerostatic Illustration

AerostaticTM is the patent pending electrostatic process developed by Global Special Effects for their line of disinfecting machines. The electrostatically charged droplets are formed as a result of the massive amount of air the CK series of machines deliver through the electric motor and through the electrically conductive hoses. At the point the electrostatically charged air contacts the droplets of fluid, the droplets become charged resulting in an electrostatically charged mist/spray. 

The benefits of the electrostatically charged mist/spray is the charged droplets will seek out the target surface and be drawn to and surround that surface rather than landing on the floor or drifting in the air. 

Another feature of the CK line of machines is the high power blower motors. Because of the power of these 800-1400 watt motors, the volume and force of air they deliver is far superior to other electrostatic disinfection machines and they are able to deliver a much finer and further traveling spray/mist. The CK-Mini machine will deliver the electrostatically charged droplets down an 6 ft hose then into the air 6+ feet. The CK-Commercial machine uses a 25 ft hose and sprays an additional 15+ feet. Finally the CK-Storm blows electrostatically charged fluid 50-75 feet from the fan depending upon the air flow (breezes) in the environment it’s used in.

The benefit of the AerostaticTM technology is more efficient delivery of the fluid, a much larger volume of fluid delivered in less time, and a more consistent spray of fluid. All of which results in cost savings due to more efficient labor and supplies.