Q: Are your machines “foggers”

A: No. Our machines are not foggers and most likely neither are the ones you’ve seen advertised. We can say that with authority because we have manufactured top of the line foggers for the movies for decades. The problem with “fog” in the truest sense of the word is, that substance is too dry to properly disinfect anything. You need some moisture or wetness via a mist or spray to land on the surfaces and kill any germs or viruses. Our machines are top of the line sprayers/misters. People often use the term fogger and sprayer interchangeably. That’s inaccurate.

Q: Are your machines electrostatically charged?

A: Yes the mist dispersed from our machines is electrostatically charged droplets using our patent pending AerostaticTM charging process.

Q: What is Aerostatic, how does it work and how is it different from “electrostatic”?

A:  See a full explanation of our patent pending process here: link

Q: Do I have to use the fluid you sell in your machines? 

A: NO, but you must make sure whatever fluid you use is compatible with our machines and won’t void the warranty. You MUST use a water based fluid. NEVER use an alcohol based product like hand sanitizer as it is very flammable and will cause fire in our machines. 

Q: How long does it take to get a machine?

A: We have machines in stock currently. We have our plants manufacturing machines around the clock so when we are sold out, we will be getting weekly shipments available. 

Q: Why are your machines better than the competition?

A: Our machines were designed for the purpose of making special effects snow, we retrofitted them to spray/mist instead of snow. The good news about that is the motors are very powerful and can spray from 8 ft to 75 ft. Our machines cover more area. 

Q: Are your machines made in the USA?

A: We are a US based manufacturer and have been for almost 30 years. Our CK-Mini machine is made of imported components but it is assembled and shipped from our Alabama facility. Our CK-Commercial and CK-Storm machines are manufactured in the US using mostly American made parts and shipped from Alabama as well. 

Q: I want to be a distributor. Are you accepting distributors? 

A: Yes we have a distributor program. Please call our offices and ask for Chris to discuss this program. 

Q: Can we tour your facility? 

A: YES we are happy to meet visitors. Our plant is in Lexington AL. We are very careful how many people we invite in to protect our workers during the COVID-19 epidemic but call and we can make arrangements to meet you if you would like to see a demonstration or tour our facility. 

If you have other questions please feel free to send us a question via our contact us form here:  Contact and we’ll respond directly.