"When this global crisis started, I knew I had two choices:

Either sit and wait to see what the 'new normal' was going to be, or INNOVATE. I have ALWAYS been an INNOVATOR... so that's what we did."

- Francisco Guerra, CEO Global Special Effects

Global Special Effects has always innovated, the current health crisis is no different

VSEGlobal is the brainchild of Lexington Alabama based entrepreneur/inventor Francisco Guerra. VSEGlobal’s parent company Global Special Effects (GSE) has been making atmospheric machines for theme parks like Disney, Universal, Legoland and other parks around the world for nearly 30 years. They have also been on every major movie lot and TV studio in Hollywood. Their machines were even featured on an episode of TVs “How it’s Made” to demonstrate how their snow machines are manufactured in the Lexington AL facility.

VSEGlobal has developed, through GSE a line of electrostatic disinfection fluid machines. The “CK” line of machines come in 3 models and are meant to fit any size need from vehicle disinfection to large concert venues.

Global Special Effects CK Machines electrostatically charge the fluid dispensed from their machines through their patent pending AerostaticTM technology. This process results in a more efficient, thorough and cost saving disinfection process because it uses less fluid, coats faster and more evenly.

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